World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Instructor Jim Hardy’s latest book on playing better golf

Have you been led to believe that all great golfers release the club the same way?

If so, you have been completely misled. That notion is COMPLETELY FALSE.

There are two distinctly different ways to release the club through impact and both are in the Hall of Fame.

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"With the correct release type in your swing
you will play your best golf every day"

With the wrong one, you will suffer through the inconsistencies of great golf
hand in hand with mediocre to terrible golf.



LOP vs RIT...They both work but which one is a better fit for YOUR natural swing shape?

Left Arm/Outward/Pull (LOP)

Pulls the club handle with the left arm.

Release is moving outward

Employs a leverage motion

Has a high rate of clubface closure to the arc (ROC)

Best for golfers who primarily shape shots


Jack Nicklaus
Tom Watson
Payne Stewart
Jason Day
Phil Mickelson
Tiger Woods (with a driver)

Right Arm/Inward/Throw (RIT)

Swings the club head with a throwing motion of the right arm

Release is moving inward

Employs a swinging motion

Has a low rate of clubface closure to the arc (ROC)

Best for golfers who primarily hit straight shots


Ben Hogan
Nick Price
Rory McIlroy
Henrik Stenson
Matt Kuchar
Tiger Woods (with an iron)


JIM HARDY has developed a reputation for delivering clear, simple ways to understand this complex game. He was an All-American golfer at Oklahoma State and went on to play the PGA TOUR before focusing on his passion for golf instruction. As a mentor to many TOUR players, Jim has been fixing the swings of amateurs and professionals since 1977. His coaching has produced four PGA TOUR Comeback Players of the Year. Hardy is considered one of “America’s 50 Greatest Teachers” by Golf Digest and ranked in the “Top 100 Teachers” list of Golf Magazine.In 2007, he was voted PGA National Teacher of the Year, in 2011 he was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, and most recently, in 2015, was inducted into the prestigious World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.

In addition to his teaching accolades, Jim teamed with Peter Jacobsen to found a highly successful golf-course design firm where he has played a key role in developing more than 40 golf-course related properties. He served as a television commentator and expert analyst for NBC and ESPN networks. He also is the co-founder of The Plane Truth Golf Institute, a program dedicated to educating golf instructors and students around the world.



The game of golf is the most challenging game ever invented. Everyone who has played the game knows the frustrations of playing good golf one day and bad golf the next. With the help of Chris O’Connell and Jim Hardy, my impact and release of the club has changed to allow me to play good golf day after day and become one of the top players in the world.


Seven Time PGA TOUR Winner
Three Time Ryder Cup Player

Jim Hardy is the most knowledgeable teacher in golf. No other instructor has his understanding of golf swing techniques and what makes them work. If you only have one book in your golf instruction library, it needs to be this one.


Seven Time PGA TOUR Winner
U.S. Senior Open Champion



Two distinct ways to release the club. Both are in Golf’s Hall of Fame.

Ben Hogan was different than Jack Nicklaus.
Rory McIlroy is different than Jason Day.
Henrik Stenson is different than Phil Mickelson.

One is RIT and one is LOP. But, is one right and one wrong? NO. Both can be correct and repetitive. But which one is right for YOU?

Jim Hardy captures the elements of each distinct approach in this 254-page, full color book. It contains hundreds of photos of players past and present showing in great detail what makes each release work. It also contains drills to help you feel each release, determine which is right for your game, and ingrain it. This book will truly enable you to HIT THE NEXT BALL BETTER.

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